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home.gifWelcome to Equipe Fusca Rally

Fusca Rally Fusca (VW Beetle) Rally Team
Take a seat and follow our adventures. Learn more about this kind of Raly that joins skill and brains over four whells!
news.gifThe 5 last news

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- by JoseEugnio 11/07/2007 14:27

DF.gifLei no DF cria o Dia do Jipeiro - by Clis Pedreira 09/07/2007 11:13

Foi sancionada no dia 4 de junho a lei 3988/2007, que institui a data de 4 de abril como "dia do Jipeiro no DF".

Leia a lei na íntegra...

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- by Clis 24/04/2007 10:03

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